2022 has been a really successful year for our ministry in Uganda. During one of our trips, the Lord lead us to an extremely poor village, which is located about 2 km away from the shores of Lake Victoria. Nearly 2,000 people live there, the majority of whom are illiterate, and whose main livelihood is agriculture and fishing.

With the supporт of the local leaders, we financed and organized the digging a new water well in the center of the village. The event turned into a real celebration, the whole village celebrated together with people from the church, teachers, local leaders and the whole community. Everyone was really happy with the new well!

Supporting education and helping local schools and students continue to be one of our top priorities! This year, thanks to the empathy and help from people like you, we were able to support one of the primary schools in the village.

We bought school supplies necessary for the students daily work, and also supported them with food for one semester (3 months). With donations we were able to purchase and install a water tank, which so useful for both students and teachers.