In 2021 our team visited the children’s center we built in the village. Joanna and Boryana also managed to visit personally a number of children and families from the area. For each child, we had prepared a package of food products like posho, beans, rice and sugar, as well as hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and vaseline.

We surprised the girls with beautiful pink bibles as gifts to the ones who can read well in English, and would be able to read to the younger children. 

Mission accomplished!

In two and a half years we managed to build the only Children's Center in the village, where, currently over 250 children gather to study, eat and play on a daily and weekly basis.
This year we also managed to bring clothes for the children. Brand new T-shirts and pants for the boys, and also clothes, shoes and underwear for the girls.

The team traveled to the nearby towns and villages to buy food and everything the children needed.

Apart from that, our team traveled to the capital Kampala – to have the planned meetings with our lawyer from https://buwuleandmayiga.com, with whom we work on all our matters in Uganda.


With the last two trips to Uganda in 2021, we completed our work in this community. With the help of our sponsors, we managed to invest over 140,000 USD for drinking water, food, clothes, shoes, bibles, education, medicines, emergency operations and the construction of the children’s center. We left the village with a little sadness because we left a piece of our hearts to the children and the people in the community. We look forward to our new places where we can be useful, with the help of all those who support us to continue our mission in Uganda.

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