2019 was also quite an exciting and full of strong emotions and new challenges year in Uganda. A life-saving operation was required on one of the children in the village. We faced the challenge to raise up over 5,000 USD in a very short time, which we managed to do with the help of donors and friends. The two operations of Gerald, to everyone’s joy, were very successful.

Providing education and facilitating access to food and medicine continued to be our priority. Friends dedicated their birthdays to the benefit of the children and their education. In November, Joanna again dedicated her birthday to the children in the village. We organized a charity campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a car for transporting children to schools, hospitals, as well as transporting food supplies and everyday products.

Within two years, we donated a total of over $ 7,000 for the car and its maintenance managed by the leader of the local organization we worked with. To this day, the car is still a blessing to these children and the people there.

Project „Blue Summer“

With the Blue Summer project, while in Uganda we were able to sew over 100 community-branded dresses for the girls and over 100 pants for the boys. One of our sponsors donated over 100 T-shirts, which became a wonderful set together with the pants we sewed for the boys.

Through the American platform for shoes “Because”, we were able to raise funds for 60 pairs of shoes that grow together with a child’s foot and are extremely healthy and suitable for the environment in which the children are.

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