It all started in the summer of 2018, when we visited a very poor area in central Uganda and fell in love with the children of the village. We were impressed by the joy and hope with which they welcomed us and left us with the feeling that many happy moments together await us.

The founder Joanna was the first white person to meet the children. After that first visit, she and her associates managed to raise tuition school fees for more than 150 children.

A little later, in November 2018, Joanna organized a charity event on the occasion of her birthday and launched a fundraising campaign for the cause of clean drinking water for the children and the people in the local community.

We raised $ 7,000 to rent a drilling rig and dug a water well. Today, everyone in the village is blessed to use water from this well for their daily needs. Access to water changes significantly the life quality of the village people.

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